Project iTES is a research project in the field of trusted computing.

Runtime: March 2012 - Dezember 2014

Status: complete


The iTES Project is sponsored by the Federal Ministry for Education & Research within the tender "anomaly detection on computer systems". The goal of iTES is the development of a solid base for an innovative and trustworthy security system in form of a demonstrator. The consortium uses established technologies as well as innovative new developments to contribute into the creation of the new security system. Virtualization technologies combined with isolated security applications will ensure the safe environment needed to protect the whole system. Keeping the security proofable, sources for comparability will be generated in form of definitions from typical computer systems. Those definitions result in cross-sections of systems found in homes and workspaces and base upon past experience. Systems enhanced by the iTES security architecture are then to be compared with "normal" systems.


Erweiterung der Cuckoo Sandbox um Module zur Einleitung eine Reboot Vorgangs.

Cuckoo Sandbox vs. Reality

The problem: Having to analyse several hundred thousand potential malware samples every day. The solution: Building a scalable system that has detailed information about sample behavior and functionality with the help of Cuckoo Sandbox.

Hermes Analysis System

An introduction to the Hermes Analysis System, a client-server system for malware analysis, based on Cuckoo.

Cuckoo Sandbox

Cuckoo Sandbox is a malware analyses system used in the iTES-Project.


The research approach takes advantage of virtualization technologies to seperate user-software and security-software in different compartments.